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Harrison Bolin Portfolio

Who is this guy?

My name is Harrison aka "Mossflwer", I am a game designer who is passionate about creating captivating, thoughtful experiences. I have a background in game design, web development, and games journalism with a shipped mobile title and dozens of hyper-casual prototypes under my belt.

When I am not working you might catch me developing my game side-projects, streaming on Twitch, writing sci-fi short stories, reading a new book, learning how to play the electric bass, or doing yoga.

What is he good at?

  • Playtesting
  • Prototyping
  • Unity Engine
  • Narrative Design
  • Level Design
  • System Design
  • C++ / C#
  • Lua
  • Agile
  • Kanban
  • Pico-8
  • Notion
  • Trello
  • Javascript
  • Adobe Apps
  • Affinity Apps
  • FL Studio
  • Arduino

Game Design Projects

Screenshot of portfolio item

Project Buffalo - Sept 2020 through May 2021

Project Buffalo is an alternative reality game that asks players to become digital archeologists as they comb through websites and discover the mystery within. For this project, we created 3 websites, recorded a podcast, planted physical and digital clues, and wrote over 15000 words of story. My primary focus was on game design, but I also led the web design, project management, and audio production.

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  • CS3
  • HTML5
  • Wordpress
  • jQuery
  • Divi

The Intern - Unity Arcade Game - Fall 2020

In The Intern, you play as the titular intern where your job is to complete a variety of tasks from giving presentations, making coffee, and running errands. Developed as part of a team of four as our Game Development class final project. For this game I ran production, planning sprints and creating task cards, and leading standups. I also designed the core gameplay loop, designed/implemented the user interface, and wrote the music.

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  • Unity
  • C#
  • Trello
Screenshot of portfolio item
Screenshot of portfolio item

Magic Bookshop - Pico-8 Arcade Game - Spring 2020

Made for the May SDC Game Jam, Magic Bookshop is an arcade game where the player controls a magicians apprentice tasked with restocking the shelves of the bookshop before opening. Challenge is controlled by randomly moving colored bookshelves that correspond to a randomly colored book given to the player. Three different difficulties, high scores, fanciful magical surroundings, sound effects, menu screens, and an entire 16 note song!

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  • Pico-8
  • Lua

Pandemic Relief - Pico-8 Shoot-em-up - Spring 2020

As my final project for my "Tiny Games" class, a class focused on self-imposed restrictions while developing games to provoke creativity, I decided to create a shoot-em-up with the then emergent pandemic as the theme. Through building this game I stretched my coding ability to create dynamic enemies, projectiles, and multiple levels of difficulty as the game progressed. Built in Pico-8, all the code, graphics, and sound was created my me!

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  • Pico-8
  • Lua
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Other Projects

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Liv.e Online - UX Game Prototype - Spring 2021

Liv.e Online is a user experience prototype designed to help users explore the positives and negatives of interacting with other people digitally. Created for my user experience class, the project goes through concept to user research to wireframing to a final prototype. The player explores the character Liv's computer interface as she recovers from a bad day and tries to process it with the help of her new friends.

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  • Figma

Hand Crafted Pinball Machine - Fall 2019

Who doesn't love pinball? As a part of my final project for my Object fabrication class, the challenge was to create something that both displays proficiency with Arduino and showcases a variety of fabrication methods. My partner Gregorio and I created this pinball machine from scratch. I contributed the majority of the fabrication and game design, while Gregorio led the Arduino development and testing.

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  • Arduino
  • LulzBot
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Other work I've done: Worked with a team to create an art installation for Meow Wolf Denver, wrote an article for Atlas Obscura, wrote a narrative game in Twine about sunny summer days, created a cosmic horror narrative game, designed maps, gameplay, and hosted for Minecraft Hunger Games sessions, collaborated with a team and a local artist to build a sculpture that raised air quality awareness and created a haptic metronome.

Let's Get Started!

I am always happy to chat about your game or project, and am open to providing feedback for resumes and cover letters! Please reach out on Twitter, you can find me @Mossflwer

Pixel art of Harrison


Bachelors of Creative Technology and Design
University of Colorado Boulder - May 2021
Honors: Cum laude

Associates of General Studies
Pikes Peak Community College - May 2017