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CU Boulder ATLAS Digital Signage - Harrison Bolin Portfolio


The ATLAS program and building at CU Boulder is home to my major program, Creative Technology and Design. When the building was built there were several digital info screens installed, however these had lain dormant for a while before I asked ATLAS management about helping to breathe new life into them.

Tech Used

  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • jQuery

What I Did

  • Architecture and Technology design
  • Calendar and Instagram API Integration
  • Development from given design
  • Continued maintenance in collaboration with ATLAS

Problem: The digital signs in the ATLAS building were no longer being used, sacrificing valuable wall real-estate that the department was eager to use. The client needed the new solution to integrate with the existing calendar api (Localist) and allow for future upgrades.

Solution: I was in charge of designing the new digital signs using existing branding and imagery, then developed a PHP web app that could link up with the web API and allow for staff to manually add slides and photos. In order to make sure that the calendar did not go offline without reason, the app refreshes at set intervals after checking to see that it still has an internet connection. This ensures that people in the building have a consistent and reliable way to learn about upcoming events and alerts.

Let's Get Started!

I am always happy to chat about your game or project, and am open to providing feedback for resumes and cover letters! Please reach out on Twitter, you can find me @Mossflwer

Pixel art of Harrison


Bachelors of Creative Technology and Design
University of Colorado Boulder - May 2021
Honors: Cum laude

Associates of General Studies
Pikes Peak Community College - May 2017