Popcorn Classics is a party game designed to be played via video chat that lets players flex their movie knowledge and get to know each other. The game uses a custom React app that I built to track points, game mechanics, and a timer. Utilizing the unique aspects of video chat we created a fulfilling game experience to connect people digitally.

Tech Used

  • CS3
  • HTML5
  • React
  • Github

What I Contributed

  • Developed custom React app to facilitate play
  • Led iterative playtest sessions
  • Wrote the ruleset for the game

Project Contributors

Developed in a group with Kelley Kelley, AJ Yang, and Ben Beaumont.

Screenshot of the final React app

Screenshot from an iteration session testing gameplay

Rules for the game

Let's Get Started!

I am currently working remotely as a junior game designer for a hyper-casual mobile studio called Tastypill. Regardless I am always happy to chat about your game or project, and am open to providing feedback for resumes and cover letters!

Pixel art of Harrison


Bachelors of Creative Technology and Design
University of Colorado Boulder - May 2021
Honors: Cum laude

Associates of General Studies
Pikes Peak Community College - May 2017