Popcorn Classics is a party game designed to be played via video chat that lets players flex their movie knowledge and get to know each other. The game uses a custom React app that I built to track points, game mechanics, and a timer. Utilizing the unique aspects of video chat we created a fulfilling game experience to connect people digitally.

Tech Used

  • CS3
  • HTML5
  • React
  • Github

What I Contributed

  • Developed custom React app to facilitate play
  • Led iterative playtest sessions
  • Wrote the ruleset for the game

Project Contributors

Developed in a group with Kelley Kelley, AJ Yang, and Ben Beaumont.

Screenshot of the final React app

Screenshot from an iteration session testing gameplay

Rules for the game

Let's Get Started!

I am always happy to chat about your game or project, and am open to providing feedback for resumes and cover letters! Please reach out on Twitter, you can find me @Mossflwer

Pixel art of Harrison


Bachelors of Creative Technology and Design
University of Colorado Boulder - May 2021
Honors: Cum laude

Associates of General Studies
Pikes Peak Community College - May 2017